Amyl and The Sniffers unveil ferocious new single “Gacked on Anger”

“Gacked on Anger” is the third offering to be shared from Amyl and The Sniffers‘ debut album, after “Got You” and “Monsoon Rock“.

Speaking to Brooklyn Vegan about the new single, vocalist Amy Taylor says, “The lyrics “stressed on tick because I’m gacked on anger” – tick is a roundabout way of saying debt/loan. The song lyrics are about money and class and my experiences with that, and the weird way my mind tries to wrap around the idea of having money/not having money/being in debt/getting paid or not paid as a musician. It’s also about the rat race/pleasure/shame/stress of money and the power that it has on day to day life, and the power of class to keep us too busy and too dumb to help other people, or make any kind of change in the “system”. We keep on working really hard for peanuts. I’ve been lucky in comparison and I’m grateful but in reality shit’s pretty fucked sometimes, and there’s lots to be angry about.”

The Melbourne punks’ debut album follows on from their 2017 EP Big Attraction.

“Gacked on Anger” is out now. Their debut album lands 24 May via Rough Trade. Amyl and The Sniffers play Barcelona’s Primavera Sound next month. Find out more.

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