Aly & AJ nail the 80s vibe on individuality-championing anthem “Don’t Go Changing”

Just in case you weren’t already aware, Aly & AJ are taking the electropop world by storm with their latest releases. “Church” is a flawless moody pop track, while 2017’s Ten Years EP was a perfect reintroduction following their long hiatus.

Long gone are the days of chanting “Potential Breakup Song” (I’m kidding: we will all still be doing that in 2019).

Latest single “Don’t Go Changing” is a perfect complement to “Church”. “Just don’t go changing on me babe,” the sister duo sing as a plea amongst the synth and drums, creating a sultry 80s vibe – something only a handful of artists can do well. Aly & AJ are one of these, delivering a new anthem that speaks to anyone who feels they have to change themselves to fit in. News flash: Aly & AJ are telling you not to. We should listen to them.

The duo’s new EP is entitled Sanctuary and is due out on 10 May; a welcomed follow up to their previous tracks.

Come and do a show in the UK soon so we can all dance with you!

“Don’t Go Changing” is out now.

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